Wednesday, May 21, 2014

First Scan

Still no official date but I'm dating myself at 5weeks.

We had our first scan this afternoon. Lovely dildo-cam action,  There is one gestational sac, one yolk sac and a teensy tiny little bright spot that will turn into our little nugget. It was awesome and surreal but I still don't feel pregnant...

I had this overwhelming feeling this morning that I was going to go to the scan, it would be an empty womb and they'd lock me up for insanity because I'd made up the whole thing. Guessing hormones are nice and active....

ANNNNNND not only did I ovulate (which dr didn't think I did) BUT it came from my right ovary!!! So looks like meatwad didn't ruin that ovary afterall!!! So that's exciting.

I go back again in 3 weeks to hopefully see more and even maybe a heartbeat!!

Still no morning sickness and this hunger is getting REAL.. I mean I'm STARVING all the time.. only up 1lb though because I'm stuffing my face with healthy choices... let's see how long that lasts.


  1. Yay! That is awesome news! Praying baby keeps on growing!

  2. Congratulations!! I'm so happy for your surprise pregnancy and glad that things went really well with your first scan! Hoping and praying for a healthy pregnancy for you!

  3. This is great news! I know I am behind here but I hope everything is still going well for you and baby :)