Saturday, January 25, 2014

So how did I get here?

Statistically, I should have gotten pregnant before my 21st birthday, maybe twice. I was a wild child, had a lot of fun and didn't always take the precautions I should have.

When I hadn't had a real pregnancy scare by the time I was 24, I considered myself lucky. And it wasn't until I met my now husband and started thinking about our future that I wondered if I wasn't in fact lucky, but if something was wrong.

Birth control was intermittent, and as I got older, it made me crazy. No sex drive, emotional, snapping at a drop of a hat, should have been locked up, insane. I quit after my 25th birthday, we'd use condoms until we we're ready (most of the time anyway).

My periods we're jacked. I started tracking in March of 2009. That's 33 in almost 5 years. 33 out of 58. And it's not just long cycles. Sometimes I'd have 2 within weeks, sometimes I wouldn't have one for 3 months. I got the usual from my dr. Nothing to really worry about, lose some weight, exercise more.. Yadda yadda.

At the end of February 2012 I started having severe lower abdominal pain. N, my now hubby, figured it was gas. We had been on a fairly steady diet of chicken and broccoli and let's be honest, broccoli gas is a serious ailment. Took some TUMS and went to bed, hoping I'd be fine by morning. But morning came and I wasn't any better, I was walking around my house like Quasimodo because standing up straight felt like I was being stabbed with a knife so large you can only buy them from that late-night, public access tv knife show. I called my dr and made an appointment for that afternoon.

He scheduled me one of those amazingly invasive ultrasounds and before the lube could even dry, he called with instructions to head home and try my best not to move until I could come into his office the next day. They found a sizeable cyst in my right ovary, a teratoma. As soon as we got home I hit the web to look up what a teratoma is. Turns out they look a little like Meatwad. Lovely little tumors made up of hair and sometimes teeth and fingernails. Pretty fascinating stuff actually. Until there is one in your ovary so large its now folding your fallopian tube in half.. That's not cool at all. Went in, saw Dr. scheduled surgery got meds, went home to cry for the weekend...

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