Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How well do you know your body?

Seriously, think about it. How much tracking have you done of every single flipping thing in the last 3 months? 6 months? Year?

If I asked you what your "symptoms" were on the 5th day of your cycle could you conjure up some chart, some app, some notebook that would tell you?

Do know you exactly what your O pain feels like? What position your cervix is in right before you start your period?

If asked, could you produce the EXACT dates of your last years of cycles? I know I can. I've been tracking for a long, long time.

I started well before I was TCC. And it started slow, just tracking my periods every month. Then I started tracking when I did the deed (no shit, I can tell you the exact dates I've had sex for the last 6 years, well I could, before my stupid phone crapped out, now I have to cross fingers I got that backed up to my SD card recently)

Then came symptoms. I was irregular so I thought maybe if I can remember exactly what days I started getting gassy, or crampy or my boobs felt like they had swollen up the size of my head, then maybe I could better predict when I'd start. Nothing to do with TTC, more about making sure I packed tampons when I needed them.

Then came the temping, every single morning I roll over and stick a thermometer in my mouth before I do anything else, I record it and usually fall back asleep until I can't waste anymore time without skipping a shower for work (and I've done it, I love my bed)

So now I have all this data and it's done me abso-fucking-lutely NO GOOD.

None of these things has helped me get pregnant. So is it a waste of time? Maybe. But I feel like I can control that. So I'll continue doing it until I just can't take it anymore.

It's awesome to know so much more about myself but it also makes me extremely jealous of people how just get pregnant. My little sister was like 16 weeks along when she found out... SIXTEEN WEEKS.

I start taking tests like 10dpo. How can you not know.. or at least suspect something for 16 weeks?!?!

It blows my mind.

Oh FF says I'm 7dpo, I had a huge temp spike today. Could mean a couple of things. A) I didn't O 7 days ago but O'd yesterday. B) I did O 7 days ago and implanted yesterday and will have one of the coveted triphasic charts C) I was hot last night



  1. I hear ya, sometimes all this info is TOO much!

  2. Hahaha! Love this. I feel the same and have also been tracking cycles since well before trying was even kind of an option for husband. You and I have a lot in common in that our obsession started early, I think that's why we're blogging earlier than most women on this road. Having allllllll the info but no pregnancy to show for it is frustrating. as. hell. I don't think it's waste of time, but do think it's a good idea to take a break from all the charting here and there (I need to take my own advice). Boo for confusing temperature spikes, but yay for possibilities.

    1. You are so right! Like I knew, really felt, like I wasn't going to be able to do this on my own. And it turns out, I"m right! I think it's good you started early.. but I might be biased :)

  3. Option C cracked me up. I was hot last night. So many cycles this was my reality. I could produce all that for you and I do know what it feels like to ovulate. Crazy the stuff we know. Sometimes I think it's too much. Hang in there!

    1. Well it's so true!! So many factors

  4. I never ovulated on my own but damned if I didn't take my temp for months just to be sure. EVEN WITH A MISSING PERIOD. I have *no idea* how people don't suspect they're pregnant earlier. You must have SOME symptoms!!!!