Thursday, March 6, 2014

She's here... I mean I think so

So my temps plummeted dramatically yesterday and I had some spotting in the afternoon, not a whole lot overnight (like barely anything) I'm marking today as CD1 but I'm starting to wonder if my light (2-3 days max) periods could have something to do with my lining not getting thick enough?

This whole journey has been a testament to how much I didn't know about my body, how it worked, what it did. I'm not going to lie, I'm jealous of those who get to run around blissfully unaware of what it takes but at the same time, I'm loving the education I'm getting!!

I'm cranky today. I mean snapped at my husband for giving me a kiss good morning cranky. Almost kicked the dog for being in my way cranky. Don't come to my desk or I will stab you with a pencil cranky.

I need wine and a nap!


  1. Sorry about CD1 :(
    My periods were often short too, but according to ultrasounds I made nice trilaminar lining anyway, so I'm not sure if there necessarily is a correlation... any chance you could get an ultrasound mid-cycle?

  2. I'm not sure. That's something I'll bring up to my dr when we meet next month!

  3. How funny you commented on my post while I was reading this post. It's frustrating that some people never know how their bodies work and yet they get pregnant so easily. Sorry about CD 1 and being cranky. Not a good feeling.