Monday, March 10, 2014

A good weekend

The best things about a Thursday CD1? Drinking all weekend!!!!

Seriously, on my way home from work Thurs, I stopped and bought:

  • A pint of chocolate almond ice cream
  • tampons (I keep telling myself I'll buy a Diva cup and stop wasting money, have any of you tried it?)
  • Ibuprofen (cramps were KILLER)
  • a bottle of $8 Riesling
You should have seen the look on the cashiers face.. it was pretty funny actually. I went home, ate my ice cream with a heat pad on my tummy and drank half a bottle of wine. I felt great!

Friday was good, work kept me busy so I didn't kill anyone (always a plus when I'm on my period, no need to perpetuate the stereotypes) Then I got a call from my little sister inviting us our for her hubs bday. She had texted me on Thurs to let me know she was "late" but not pregnant because "I know you'd kill me if I got pregnant again." Thanks... We had a pretty good time, none of their friends are in the baby making mode yet and my niece is almost 5 so it was a lot of talk that WASN'T (gasp) about kids!!

Saturday hubs and his buddy sanded the basement while I cleaned the house. Turns out, it was a wasted effort on my part because as soon as they opened the door, about 3 inches of drywall dust floated up the stairs and settled in on every single fucking surface! His old friend Billy called, we haven't seen him and his wife in months, they wanted to come hang out for a game night. I thought it was odd and then panicked that she was going to announce a pregnancy in my kitchen. Turns out I got all worked up over nothing and we drank and played board games and laughed harder than I have in awhile. Plus sometime around noon AF decided her stay was no longer necessary and she made her departure (cue the sexy-time just for the sake of sexy-time music)

Sunday hubs invited more friends over to BBQ since it was nice out so we drank again!!  It was good to be surrounded by everyone this weekend. It really kept me from dwelling on everything. Plus, since almost everyone knows we're trying, and I had drinks in my hand, I didn't have to answer any baby questions.

Dr. appointment is scheduled for April 9th so we have (maybe) one more cycle to do this "for free". I'm getting nervous for the dr. I want to make sure I'm my own advocate but I'm still learning so much that I'm not sure what questions to ask. Any advice from you ladies would be much appreciated.

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