Sunday, February 16, 2014

Old wives tales a.k.a Smiling and playing along

On Friday, the girls in the office that sit one row away were all a twitter; giggling, gasping and other gleeful noises drifted over my way. I was trying to ignore them, I've only been there 3 weeks so I don't know them very well. I heard one say "no, what if it says I'm infertile and I cry?"

That caught my attention and I had to go see what it was all about.

They were doing this pencil on a string thing to tell you how many kids you'll have an what sex they will be.

The trick goes like this: You thread a needle then stick the needle into the eraser of a sharpened pencil (no lie, my first thought was who the hell has a actual wooden pencil anymore). You hover the pencil over the test subjects left wrist and the pencil starts to circle, if it then swings up and down the arm, she'll have a boy, if it goes across, a girl. The "test" isn't over until the pencil stops moving. If it goes up and down then circles again then goes up and down again then stops... Two boys.

So here they are, "testing" everyone in the office and now I had to go stick my big nose in it. Now of course they want to do mine.. Mind you, I am on CD31, been having negative HPT's for 4 days, and no sign of AF in sight... I was a little sensitive to say the least.

I had a dilemma, do I play along, let them have their fun and not say a word? Or do I tell them I'm not in the mood and then have to explain why.

Since I'm trying to be more positive, I went with the first.

According to the pencil, I'll have 2 kids, a boy then a girl. I was really proud of myself for not bursting in to tears while they were doing it.

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