Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hurry up and wait

It seems like so much of this journey is waiting

We wait for AF to end, then we wait to ovulate.. Then the dreaded two week wait. We wait to test, wait for the lines and if it's a BFN... we wait for AF to start again.

Right now, I'm waiting for AF to start again.

Fertility Friend isn't being much of a friend. It seems with each passing morning, my temps are harder and harder to figure out. I have the app stumped. Did I ovulate? Signs are more and more pointing to no. Not sure what caused my temps to rise (if anyone is interested in my chart, I'll link it) but they did and have been "up" for 18days. That should mean today or tomorrow at latest I'll get my AF. All 7 of the tests I've taken have been negative. Stark white, not even a squinter, so my hope is lost for this cycle.

We'll rally the troops and start again next cycle (whenever that may be). I need to call the dr. We're supposed to start all my prelim testing but frankly, I haven't felt like it.


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