Wednesday, July 16, 2014

13weeks? Already?

I'm officially 13 weeks today and still feeling fairly awesome! Besides the tiredness... and the waking up at 3am to eat and then not go back to bed, that part kind of sucks.

I'm taking a break from Twitter for awhile. It was getting overwhelming and I can't seem to keep my feelings in check so hubs strongly suggested that it might be best to take a little break and try and focus on me and Nugget for awhile. I don't think it's a bad idea but it's weird.

Things have been really great lately. I think the roommate has a plan to be out by mid-August which is a month before the deadline I gave her. She's been keeping more out of our hair as well so that's been good.

I did have a little work breakdown on Friday, apparently someone said I'd been "complaining" too much. Well here's the thing, it's my job to make sure shit gets done and when you don't do your part and I have to chase you for weeks, OF COURSE IT'S GOING TO SEEM LIKE I'M COMPLAINING. So now I'm trying to be so sweet it makes your teeth hurt to all these jackasses and take every single grievance to my boss so he can be the asshole for awhile.

I finally came out to my co-workers at our agency (they're in another location... state, timezone!!) that I'm pregnant and will be taking maternity leave. The one person I spoke with directly (I chickened out and emailed the rest) was so excited but also so nervous. Apparently I'm the example of my position that "no one worries about" so he's concerned about who will cover me and how they'll interact. I get it, it makes me nervous too!!

So now I'm totally out. To work, to my family, to Facebook, to the world. It is starting to feel a little more real. Especially now that I'm starting to get a little bump that isn't bloat!!

So that's my update. Hope all is well. I've been stalking from afar so if you haven't updated your blog, here's your friendly reminder!!!


  1. I don't even do facebook or any of that for the very reasons you stated above. It's just less stress all around. I have an instagram account only to keep up with what my step-kids are doing and I have zero friends on it. Congrats on hitting the 13 week mark!

  2. Happy 13 weeks!!! It goes by fast doesn't it? It's cool that you are out to everybody, it does make it more real. I envy that. At 23 weeks I'm still having a hard time saying it to people. And now you are entering the 2nd trimester. I'm excited for you!

  3. Yay for coming out and getting a bump! And for 13 weeks.

  4. Happy 13 weeks! I'm glad you are officially "out". I swear I commented before but don't see it here. Weird.