Saturday, July 5, 2014

Peace, Quiet and 200 days left

Let me start the post by admitting I'm horribly irritable lately. Like keep the hell out of my way or I'll lose my mind cranky. Little things turn into big things and big things are stab worthy. 

My cousin/roomate is getting on my LAST nerve. She's got to go and the sooner the better. I've given her a deadline of September but I'm really hoping it's more like early August. I doubt it though because her only option right now is going BACK to her grandma's... If they can get the drunkle out for good, but if they can't... she's got NO back up plan. This is so frustrating to me. How can you not want to have a plan B for yourself and your CHILD to not be homeless, or couch surfing? Wouldn't you WANT to have a place of your own so he could have a room to play in?

The kid is 5, he needs stimulation. He needs his own room, with room for his toys, he needs to be played with. She picks him up from school, takes him to the park for about 1.5 hrs until 5 or so when hubs gets up for work (and only because I told her they were waking him up hours early  and it wasn't acceptable) then she expects him to entertain himself for 4 hours while she sits and plays on her phone on the couch. She'll send him to the room to watch a movie or play on his tablet. It drives me INSANE, because of course he's going to come out and ask 8 thousand questions:
Can we go ride bikes?
Can we go play soccer?
Can I play on the playstation?
Can we paint?
Can we watch (insert movie of the week here)?

Over and over and over. and my patience starts to wear thin. Not with him and his questions but her response or lack there of... 


Then we've got her dog... I don't like to say I hate dogs, but I'm really not a fan of this one. It started when he attacked my ducks, charging at their pen and he actually managed to bite one of them on the bill through the fence. Now he can't go outside unattended at all but instead of sitting out there with him for awhile, she lets him out long enough for him to do his business and then brings him back in. I get it, it's hot outside but he's a high energy dog, he needs to have an outlet or he's too hyper in the house.. and 3 large dogs "playing" in the house is like a herd of elephants. He also tries to jump the fence to get to the neighbors dog which he apparently doesn't like so he can't go outside while that dog is out or it will be non-stop barking and jumping at the fence. 

He's also a barker.. he barks at flies, he barks at cars, he barks at people walking down the street, he barks when the wind blows too hard. We've never had barking dogs and it makes it impossible for N to sleep during the day when the dog is barking at every little thing. And he's recently started barking at people. My stepdad is helping us finish painting the basement and the dog wouldn't let him in the house even after we gave the command to stop barking. I'm not okay with that in my house. He barked at me while I was coming down the hallway the other night for no reason. 

So she had plans to go to a friends house for the 4th yesterday and I asked  her if she was taking S (her dog) with her. She gave me this questioning look... I told her I wasn't watching her dog. Ours are freaked out enough with the fireworks, we were having people over and I couldn't have the risk of him barking at our guests or the responsibility of watching him each time we needed to put the dogs outside. I think I might have made her mad because she decided to go out of town to her mom's for the weekend. 

Frankly, it's been awesome. I hadn't realized how much her being here has changed they dynamics in my house. N and I got up and had breakfast at the table together he said "do you hear that?" I said, "what?? He said "exactly". Then, we laid on the couch and talked about the last week since we haven't had the chance to catch up, we napped on the couch, we hung out in our underwear. It was awesome. I've missed the time we have together just the two of us.

And we only have 200 days left for it to be just the two of us!! That's right, my handy dandy little app told me I've got 200 days until my EDD. 

I'm amazed by that fact. It's a long time but not so long at all...

I totally ran out of steam for this post after my rant... sorry I'm a shitty blogger.. thanks for reading if you've made it this far.  Enjoy this pic of a cat


  1. wow holly. i don't know how you are going to make it another 200 days. i'd be dying as well. she kinda seems like a nightmare.

  2. wow seems like your cousin is on your last nerve! i give you a lot of credit for not kicking her out. she seems to completely be taking advantage of you. ugh!

  3. It sounds like you have had a LOT going! Glad you were able to enjoy the weekend and it sounds like a good thing that you have set a date or her to leave.

  4. I'd be really annoyed if I had to put up with that as well. Hopefully she will be out by your deadline. So you can go back to enjoy your time with your hubby before baby arrives!