Tuesday, April 8, 2014

New beginnings

It really sounds much more pleasant than it is. A new beginning in my world means violent mood swings, random bouts of tears, zits on my chin, feeling like my uterus is in a vice, and something that rivals a B horror film when I go to the bathroom...

That's right ladies, CD1 is upon us. I'm not really THAT sad about it. I'm actually ok since tomorrow is the "How the fuck are we going to make me a baby" appointment and I figure that starting fresh will mean that any testing that needs done can just get done that much sooner. I did realize that this cycle was my last chance to birth a child in 2014. That's weird to think about.

  • 2015, year of the sheep... Guess that kid's getting off easier than me (year of the rat).
  • This kid will graduate high school in/around 2033 (are you reading this?!?!?!)
  • My grandparents will likely not live to see this child graduate high school (If grandpa makes it to 99 though, I'll be THRILLED)
  • These are the things this kid will wear to "retro" parties
It's a strange thing, time. It doesn't wait for us at all but we count on it so much. 

Here's to a whole shit ton of 2015, year of the sheep babies for all of us! 


  1. You have now made me feel SO OLD. Thanks :) Yay for a fresh start and some answers; good luck at the appointment!

  2. SHEEP BABIES FOR ALL! I do love sheep. They're so cute and fluffy :)

  3. sheep babies, love it! Hope your appointment went well today and you guys have or are making a new plan.