Friday, April 18, 2014

I'm feeling... weird

My battery died on my thermometer and I forgot to get a new one so I'm not temping this cycle. And since I'm not temping, I've decided to not track anything.

So here I am, CD11 with no idea where my cervix is, what type of mucus it's got, what my temps are, or what my "symptoms" were yesterday.

Have I had this headache for 2 days or 3? Couldn't tell you, not on my chart.

In 10 days I go in for my blood work and on the 29th Hubs takes his sample to the lab. So this cycle we're just winging it.

And to keep myself calm(ish) I've piled the work on myself and I've kept busy. I'm not spending all day on twitter or reading blogs so please forgive me if I've missed a big announcement of yours. I promise, it's not personal. I've been catching up (ish) on blogs when I have time but I'm probably behind.

It's weird, not doing anything. I feel like I'm just in a holding pattern until we get results back, until I decide on an RE and make an appointment.

Until then, we wait.

- h


  1. So damn much of this is about waiting. It's infuriating to someone like me who has patience in all the wrong places.

  2. I think sometimes we take those breaks when we detect that we need one - maybe you needed a "winging it" cycle. Is it more relaxing in a way?

  3. Sometimes waiting is good. It gives you a break from making tough decisions. I'll be cheering for you when you're ready to move forward.

  4. Waiting sucks, but sometimes it is nice not to chart everything and know where you are at in your cycle. Good luck deciding on an RE!

  5. I'm trying to take a break from all of it this month too. So far it feels pretty good :)

  6. Thanks ladies! And yes, it does seem more relaxing. Maybe it's just what I needed

  7. You're my not-crazy role model. Sounds like we're on almost the same exact cycle day (I'm 1 day behind you). I had planned to give up charting this month like you have - and totally failed. Good job staying busy and keeping the obsession at bay. Also, I'm curious if I missed something, I know your Dr. didn't order Day 3 bloodwork for this cycle, but have you ever had it done?

    1. I haven't had it done yet... I wish I would have. I saw him on CD2 so it was totally possible but I didn't think to ask before I left. I was kind of pissy about the appointment so I had already made up my mind he wasn't going to do what I needed.

    2. Gotcha. So annoying that some docs are still uninformed about infertility/resistant to basic testing. What is the big deal? If you have insurance that covers it, or want to pay for it, why can't they just do what you ask (within reason, obviously)?