Thursday, April 10, 2014

I don't do sick

I'm not a very good sick person. I don't like feeling crummy and it makes me kind of a whiney bitch.

Monday night I went to bed early like 830pm early because I couldn't keep my eyes open. Last night was the same. I was exhausted and I felt like crap and I had a fever. YUCK! I hate having a fever. I run cold anyway so 100 degrees for me is like MY EYEBALLS ARE ON FIRE SHOOT ME NOW!

I went to bed. Woke up wide awake at 230am finally went back to sleep around 5am. and got up to work from home at 9. I'm miserable. My head is foggy, I have a cough and my eyeballs hurt from being hot.

I want a blankie and my mommy and a nap.

Plus N and I got in a fight last night about treatment. He's got a couple issues from what I can see, one is money, he's really really really concerned about the amount of money we'll spend on the chance at a child.

The other is the level of treatments he's ok with. Right now that list is really really short. Like not even including IUI because it's "weird". I'm really hoping he opens his mind a little because right now, since we don't have any idea what we'll need to do, we don't have many options at all.

This is a pain in the ass and makes me hate people that just have sex and get pregnant.


  1. I hope you feel better soon.

    My biggest wish for you is that you don't need the intrusive fertility treatments. Maybe Clomid or Femara with timed intercourse will do the trick.

    As for your hubby, mine was the same. He would freak out if they required blood from him. But as things progressed and he realized all that was required from me, he became more involved.

  2. I think it's pretty normal for husbands to need more time with this stuff than we do. They are generally less educated about it (because they're not obsessed with it) and don't have the same burning drive to have a baby 5 minutes ago. Mine was exactly the same, then something just clicked and now he's saying thing's like, "Why don't we do that thing where they take the eggs out of you and then they put 4 or 5 back in?" That's a direct quote; don't you just want to smoosh his cheeks he's so cute? Don't push too hard, N will come around, probably faster than you think. Feel better!

  3. Poor thing! Being sick makes everything bad in life seem worse. I hope you feel better soon.

  4. I am the same way when I am sick! Currently have a sore throat and trying to keep it from getting worse. So horrible.

    It stinks that infertility can cause this much tension in a marriage. :(
    We have had our share of heated discussions as well.
    As far as money... we started a "baby fund" and dedicated that money to building our family. So now it doesn't feel so painful, strangely, when I hand over my credit card for a few thousand dollars at the clinic. The money is there, and it's not being taken away from anything else.

    Also, maybe he is grumpy about giving a sample? Well, no sympathy from me on that one! These husbands should remember all we go through! That is the least they can do. But, be nice to him about it, he may also be worried they will find something. (Not that you won't be nice anyway!)

  5. Hope you are feeing better by now. It is important to be on the same page with your husband/significant other about babies. He has to get educated about everything. The first step to accepting things is to understand them. If finances are an issue (and they are for most of us, since insurance usually doesn't cover fertility treatments), look into some ways you can same money, ask about financing options with your fertility doctor/lab, and look into things like FSA (flexible spending accounts) - that's what we used and it really helped to ease the sting. Best of luck to you.