Thursday, March 13, 2014

When do you start demanding?

Friend from previous post with premie baby posted a screen shot of her feeding alarms to facebook to garner attention, support, feel goods? and I snarkily commented, "Sure wish I had something adorable to wake me up at night instead of this sinus infection". Was I over the top? Maybe, but the post pissed me off and the reply made me feel better (the little notifications of the "likes" it received, made my smile grow even bigger) One of those likes came from my "baby" sister.

Well she's not a baby, and she's not even the youngest sister I have. But she's always been my baby sister. At 9 years younger than me, I was somewhat of a mother-figure to her and when she couldn't stand living with our mom anymore (as teen girls are wont to do) She moved in with me and my hubs (before he was hubs). She met a guy, dated him for 6 months and announced via text her upcoming nuptials (as in text came on Wed night, hey we're getting married Saturday). He was a few years older with a boy from a previous relationship. I was convinced they were doomed. She was barely 18, had just squeaked by in high school, and was not ready to be married, or a step-mom!

Turns out, I was incredibly wrong. Jumping in to the ready-made family was the best thing that could have happened to her, over the last 2.5 years I've watched her mature in spades. It has been amazing to see. They started trying for their own child a year after they were wed. They had been not trying/not preventing for some time before. She still isn't pregnant. Last year, when she told me her/our Dr. wouldn't do anything for her yet, I was almost relieved. We have the same OB/GYN and I trust his judgement to not start racking up medical bills for a 19 year old who isn't pregnant yet.

But now, 2 years later, I wonder when she should start demanding action. I have really mixed feelings regarding this. I asked her if she was tracking her BBT, she didn't know what I was talking about, I asked if she was using OPKs she said she did for a couple cycles. She's not really doing her homework, but who am I to judge? What makes me the authority on what she SHOULD do before he works with her?

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  1. I'm thinking the Dr is working for me so if I feel like enough time has gone by (I'd say 2 years is way long enough) and still not pregnant, either the Dr is going to help or I am going somewhere else. But then again I would also be doing my homework on all of this so maybe she isn't at that point yet like we have all gotten to. I guess you just have to want it bad enough :)