Tuesday, February 11, 2014

11dpo and my symptom stalking isn't going so well

Like the title says, today is 11dpo and my symptom spotting WOULD be in full force...


I'm completely symptomless.. nothing, no cramps, no twinges, no sore boobs, no sensitive nipples, no zits, no stuffy nose, no heightened sense of smell.. NOTHING. 

Nothing that leads me to believe I'm pregnant OR that AF is on her way. Which is weird, because I've been symptom tracking just a little longer than I've been temping and I get some serious pre-period things happening starting about 1 week before my period but this month... NOTHING.

My temp had nosedived yesterday, I mean down to 96.1 but it was back up again today so I'm attributing that to sleeping on the couch instead of in my warm bed with my blankets. 

So we're maybe still in the game but I'm seriously starting to lost what little hope I'd let myself get. 


  1. I have never gotten pregnant before but heard so many times from others that you sometimes just don't have any symptoms. 2WW can drive anyone crazy. Hang in there!

  2. Just a few more days is all I keep telling myself!! Thank you!