Monday, February 10, 2014

Sometimes little sisters aren't so bad

My little sister and I are very different people and that's always been tough. I want so badly to have this sitcom silly relationship with her but we really don't have anything in common. She is one of those people who can mix and match her closet and look like she stepped out of a magazine every day.. If I'm not going to work, you're lucky to find me I'm real pants. Her house is perfectly decorated, I have exactly 4 things actually hung on my walls and one of those is a mounted buck! She is exactly the kind of person Pinterest was created for, and me... I'm more like the blogger over at Pintester. I'm logical to a fault and pretty vocal about it and she's more delicate. But all of that doesn't change the fact that we really do love each other.
I don't talk to her much about my struggles with getting pregnant, mostly so I don't get upset when she doesn't know what to say. (I know that's irrational and not her fault but that's where I am right now) She got pregnant on accident so it's hard.

The other night she texted me to check on me after I posted on Facebook about having a hard night. And she said something that really warmed my heart.

I told her I was sick of everyone telling me to relax, to be positive I just wanted someone to be pissed with me. Her reply:
Well I am pissed you can't either! Lol I can't pretend to understand what you feel, but I do know that one day, however it happens, your child will know that you wanted them so badly. It won't be some gross story of jello shots and a 21st birthday uh oh, it will be a loving story about trying and failing but not giving up. That I do know and that's one lucky kid.

Sometimes we need to hear things like this.

On a side note... I had a giant temp dive today... 10dpo and I mean DIVE like almost 1.5 degrees. I think that means I'm out this month.. I knew it was too good to be true.

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