Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Spray painted chairs and other fun furniture

I guess if I was going to title my blog that, I should have taken pictures. Too bad, I didn't you'll have to use your imagination.

KCIA support group met again last night. There were lots of new people so we needed a bigger space. The church we meet at gave us their youth room and WOW was it cool!! They had fun mismatched furniture including 2 vinyl arm chairs they spray painted in bright green and bright blue. The coffee table was an old door and it had twinkle lights!

I'm pretty sure any infertility meeting should have twinkle lights.

It was a good meeting. It was nice to get to meet some new people. I still feel like a fraud though, I mean, I'm just gearing up to start my treatment and there are women there that have been at this for 10 years!!!! I'm learning a lot though so that's good.

On my way home I started having some pain on my right side then at 3am I woke up doubled over in pain... I was so worried it was a cyst or something but it just turned out to be gas.

I'm not overthinking things or anything lately, I promise.

Boobs still hurt and are HUGE, like falling out of my bras huge. I figured I'd start cramping by now but haven't yet. I just need AF to hurry her ass up so we can start on this baby making meds!!!



  1. It doesn't matter how long you have been struggling...you have still struggled and are a part of this group none of us want to be a part of. We all support each other no matter what :)

  2. Remember it's your journey, no matter how far you are in it, it's still a struggle and it's always nice to have a group support system! I will be keeping everything crossed for your first Clomid cycle.