Thursday, February 6, 2014

Implantation dip? Or am I crazy

Ok so since I've been charting my temps, I'm getting obsessed!! I know I ovulated, I know we did it during my "fertile" window and today I had what they call the "implantation dip".
23% of women charting that see this ARE pregnant, 11% that see this aren't pregnant and the other remaining don't ever see a dip preggo or not...

I know that's not reason to get my hopes up but I'll be damned if it doesn't!

I guess my temps tomorrow will help me see if I'm going up or down.

When should I start pissing on sticks? 10dpo, 12dpo or 14dpo?


  1. Hey Holly! Thanks for commenting on my blog recently and rooting for my embryo! I used to frequent online forums and often read that implantation dip is a myth. That said, I hope that this one is true for you that it's actually an implantation dip! I don't test so I am no help there. My friends who test often start on 12dpo or so. Finger crossed for you!

  2. Thanks you for being the very first commenter on my blog!!

    I'm trying to keep my hopes in check but fingers crossed just in case.. Sometimes I wish the internet didn't exist so I didn't have so much information to ponder :)