Thursday, February 27, 2014

Crosshairs are back

Now FF is saying I ovulated on CD36! My temps have been elevated and fairly steady for the first time this cycle!

I'm cautiously optimistic about this change. Today would be 8dpo with an implantation dip yesterday. My boobs started getting sore to the touch yesterday, more so today.

I can't decide if I want to waste more tests by starting to test 10dpo or just wait for my period to be late.

It's funny because I can still remember buying tests and begging them to be negative. I guess it was hard for me to remember some people (lots of people) bought them in hopes of that second line.

So what do we talk about while we wait? Hmmmmm..

Well basement finishing is coming along fine. Hubby got a new schedule at work.. 7 days on/7days off. And he works 12hr night shifts. So wed-fri I'll see him for about 40mins in the morning before I leave for work. The Sat-Sun he'll be sleeping all day. And Mon-wed back to the 40min each morning.. I'm really crossing my fingers that IF I have a next cycle, it's on his off week.. BDing before rushing to work is not my idea of a good time!



  1. Thanks! I'm still trying to decide on whether to test tomorrow (10dpo) or just wait it out... I'm thinking wait it out. I might have to hide my HPT's though