Monday, April 6, 2015

Birth Story Part 1 - The final appointment

Well here it is, my birth story. Almost a full 12 weeks after it happened.

At 8:30 am on 1/14 I headed out to my 39 week appointment. N had to work his 7 nights straight starting that night so he was passed out at home.

As I stepped on the scale at my appointment, I knew there was going to be trouble.. I was up a full 7 lbs from the previous week. There wasn't a place on my body that wasn't swollen, my feet were balloons and even my trusty slippers were too tight!

The nurse took my BP and it was high, so she had me relax on my left side and took it again. It came down but I could see the concern on her face. The dr came in, and said, "How much of a hassle would it be to go over to Labor and Delivery right now?" My heart jumped, or sank or something my first words were, "Can I go home and get my husband first so we only have one car here?"

I had developed Pre-E... After flirting with it my entire 3rd tri, there it was at 39 weeks, the protein in my urine was the clincher. I was being induced today. I called N, he groggily answered the phone and I said, "Go ahead and get up and get in the shower, I'm on my way home to pick you up, we're going to have a baby today"

I contemplated calling my family the whole way home. We had talked about not telling anyone until the baby was born, see I love my mom, but she drives me nuts and I really didn't want the pressure of a bunch of people sitting in the waiting room all day. Inductions can take a really really long time. So I called my friend in OK to let her know, I had to tell someone... we've waited for so long and the baby would be here, a real baby that I could kiss and snuggle and hold, would be here soon!

I got home and N was moseying around the house at a snails pace getting ready. I was moving a thousand miles a minute (at least it felt that way, but looking back at how large I was... there's no way I was moving faster than a turtle with 3 good legs myself) Here is the last picture I have of me with my nugget tucked away inside

Turns out, N had drank some Nyquil Z in order to sleep the day away... great my hubs was going to be more drugged up than me for this birth!

We stopped and got him a coffee (note to self: If you EVER have to do this again, get food... all the food you can eat at this point).

We checked in to the hospital at about 10:30am and decided that we would alert our families once we got in a room just in case something were to happen. (Mistake.... total mistake, I should have kept my big fat mouth shut)


  1. Excited to know of your baby's arrival!! Can't wait to hear the rest of the story!!

  2. Cliff hanger!!! I hate them!!! Come on! Haha.

  3. Yay! So excited to hear from you! Can't wait to read the rest! Please don't make us wait another 12 weeks ;)