Monday, March 17, 2014

When I'm not babymaking, I'm getting healthy

Babymaking and losing weight might seem to be counterproductive on the surface but many people that struggle with infertility were told at their very first appointment "just lose Xlbs and you'll be fine" I know, I was one of them.

Even though I KNEW it wasn't just my weight (212lbs) that was holding me and my uterus hostage, I took the advice to heart and jumped into the healthy pond with both feet and no swimsuit (seriously, I hate swim suit shopping). Now I'm sitting at 180.2 (seriously .2... go suck it 180's I'm done with you) and I FEEL better, but no more pregnant.

When I first started everyone joked about how I was going to get into this awesome shape and then get preggo. I laughed, I challenged them, I WANT that! Just think of how much easier it will be to lose the baby weight when I have all the tools. Like awesome trainers at the gyms I go to who ALREADY know me (and my excuses, and the best ways to trick me into going) and a super awesome lunch box:
Seriously, I can pack 5 meals and a 3L jug PLUS 2 water bottles in that thing and it stays cool all day!! 
Plus I came across this AMAZING site to help with my meal planning. It's only $9/mo and not only will it plan your meals by day within a calorie range but it makes it into a grocery list and EMAILs it to you the day before you tell it you go shopping!

I have tools to lose weight and get the body I want and frankly, that isn't going to HURT my chances of getting pregnant, and if I can't have a round baby belly, I'll have a sexy flat one dammit! 


  1. I have been thinking this way for a while but putting it into action has been so very hard! I started a diet again yesterday so we will see what happens. This lunch box looks pretty neat and that website sounds so helpful, I may have to check it out!

  2. I 100% agree and have had the same thought. Getting pregnant while being significantly overweight is a scary proposition - the health issues during pregnancy and losing the weight after are both daunting. My mom was heavy and had preeclampsia with me and also didn't lose the weight for YEARS, so I definitely worry about weight when I'm finally pregnant. I'm not great at dieting, which it sounds like you rock at, but started going to the gym for my wedding and have been good about keeping it up since then. And feeling attractive while not pregnant? Such a bonus. Go you, losing weight is so hard but so worth it!